We supply vessels with a wide range of high quality international and domestic products at competitive prices. Our product range includes fresh, frozen and dry goods, meat and fish, fruit and vegetables from local and imported sources.


Duty Free

We stock cigarettes, cigars, liquors, perfumes and toiletries, as well as

soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages, beers, cosmetics, traveling products, electronics


Deck, Engine, Cabin

We provide an extensive selection of deck, engine and cabin stores as listed in the ISSA and IMPA Marine Store Guides.

Products include but are not limited to:

Cloth and linen products, tableware and galley utensils, clothing, ropes and hawsers, rigging equipment and general deck equipment, marine paint and painting equipment, stationery, hardware, brushes and mats, hand tools, cutting tools, pipes and tubes, as well as tube fittings. 


Nautical Charts, Books and Flags

We provide BA & NOAA Nautical Charts, Nautical Books, Electronic Charts and Flags. 

Publications ordered and delivered to the vessel.



Medicine / Medical supplies, immunizations and vaccinations delivered. Drug/alcohol testing performed by certified testing laboratory staff.


Safety & Fire Fighting Equipment

Life raft inspections and sales. Certified in-house specialist performs inspections. We provide a wide range of safety and fire fighting equipment as listed in the ISSA and IMPA Marine Store Guides.

·       Life Boats and Life rafts

·       Protective Fire Fighting Equipment

·       Gas and Smoke Detector Equipment

·       Protective/Safety Clothing

·       Pyrotechnics


Laundry Services

Full services of dry and wet laundry services. Pick-up and delivery included.





We provide several services in the transfer of food, industrial hardware and goods to the offshore oil industry worldwide. 

We maintain an extensive grocery and janitorial line and distribute several items pertinent to the offshore oil industry.

We also stock a complete line of linen products (bedding, blankets, pillows, towels, washcloths etc.) as well as small kitchenware (knives, spoons, forks, etc.). In addition we can supply galley/restaurant equipment such as water fountains. 

We stock thousands of items to meet the high demands for offshore clients. From time to time our clients may request special items that are not usually stocked and we will locate the products for prompt delivery





We offer a wide range of reliable and efficient environmental services.

We deliver projects on-time, with the highest safety standards and with minimum interruption to your business. We work closely with clients to design the most cost effective and efficient approach to address specific service needs.

We combine highly-trained employees along with the necessary equipment and established procedures, to provide excellent service to new and existing customers.


The following are the environmental services we provide:

USDA Regulated Garbage Removal

• Roll-off Dumpsters 20, 30, 40 yard - Closed or Open top

• Regulated Drums – 55 gallon

• Contaminated Dunnage

• Ship’s Food Garbage/Plastics


Emergency Action Notification Response

• Management and logistics for refused or rejected Cargoes (i.e. shipper, consignee, receiver, vessel charters, etc.) or by CBP/Agriculture or Government agencies

• Containment area provided for steam-cleaning and treatment on-site 


Sludge/Oily Water Removal

• USCG Approved Vacuum Truck Services

• Waste Water and Grey Water Disposal

• DOT Drums Disposal

• Oily Rags Disposal

• Oil Filters Disposal

Emergency Response Clean Up

• Oil Spill Clean Up and Remediation

• Ship’s Cargo Hold and Tank Cleaning

• Boiler Cleaning

• Oily Water Treatment 


High-Power Pressure Washing 

• Bilge Cleaning 


Our team is knowledgeable and compliant on all OSHA heath and safety issues. 

Technical support is provided by our management team throughout the job.  



We have strong competencies in machine shop repairs and services, providing a multitude of services tailored around our customer’s requirements. Our repair team can carry out all offshore-related work, and is available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

·       ABS & ASME code certified welders

·       Rigging, mechanics and logistics

·       Field Supervisor

·       Procurement and warehousing

For all repairs and supplies we use only the best quality parts and accessories to keep you safe!

·       Steel fabrications

·       Metal sheets and bars/supplies

·       Machine shop services

·       Equipment repairs

·       Pipe & Tube Fittings/Supplies

·       Piping systems, installation, modifications, and repairs (threaded or welded)  

·       Pump installations and repairs

·       Rigging and welding supplies

·       Motor repairs and rewinding

We have the capacity to service marine electric motor rewinding of any size. We rewind armatures, field coils, rotors and stators for all types of electric motors and generators. We also have a large inventory of bearings, end bells, shafts, brushes, controls, motor starters, variable frequency drives, wire, replacement motors, stators, keys, couplings and gear box parts. Unlike others, we know the importance of using genuine replacement bearings and the correct grade of wire when rewinding and rebuilding your motor.

We use laser aligners and dynamic balancers to ensure accurate electric motor swaps

Husbandry Services


Surveyor Services

• Gas free Certified Chemist Draft Surveys

• Bunker Surveys

• Vessel Surveys for Damage and Repairs

• Full Condition Survey

• Cargo Survey – 360 degree quality inspection

Compass Adjustment

Perform dockside comprehensive testing of Standard Magnetic Compass. Sail with ship outbound to Pilot Station and adjust Compass and Route. Issue a new Deviation Table and a new Certificate of Inspection in compliance with the US Coast Guard, IMO, Military spec's, class and survey requirements.

Water Weight Testing

Crane/Boom or Life Boat Davit. We can handle water-weight load testing of cranes, Life Saving appliances and other miscellaneous equipment.

Crew Transportation

We provide assistance for ship owners with the following services:

·       Crew Welfare Services

·       Airport, medical and shopping runs

·       Customs clearance for off-signers

·       24-hour dispatch

·       Only 1 hour notice needed in most cases

We are fully insured, licensed, and bonded. Every one of our drivers has a valid Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC) and the necessary security and escort badges for all of the ports in our service area, both public and private.

Our dispatchers are available 24 hours a day and maintain constant contact with our drivers. If you have a question, we will be there to answer it, day or night.

Escort Services

For those without TWIC cards, we offer TWIC escort services. Each of our experienced drivers has both a TWIC card and TWIC escort card for all terminals in our service area. We escort all individuals with legitimate business at the port that has been placed on the facility’s gate list: crew, surveyors, technicians, owner’s representatives, charterer’s representatives, etc. Per the USCG definition, “escorting” means ensuring that the escorted individual is continuously accompanied while within a secure/restricted area in a manner sufficient to observe whether the escorted individual is engaged in activities other than those for which escorted access was granted.

Cash to Master

We offer cash to master delivery in U.S. dollars or in any other currency that may be requested. We also offer exchange service with very low commissions. All of our cash to master deliveries are proposed in a simple manner: quality service with on-time deliveries, convenience with delivery in almost all major Northeast U.S. ports. 

Security Services

We offer a variety of professional security services regulated by United States Coast Guard & Immigration & Naturalization Services (armed and unarmed) including:

·       Vessel security

·       Gangway watch

·       Detained crew escorts

·       Stowaway escorts

·       Private business security

·       Warehouse security

·       Office complex security

·       Construction site security

·       24-hour service

Our highly trained and experienced staff of armed and unarmed guards are fully prepared to meet the requirements of each client’s unique security plan and to adapt as the situation dictates.

Ship Spares

We provide commercial ship spares to the maritime industry. Ships spares are flown across the world to meet ships in operation at their ports of calls.

By utilizing direct airline carriers and with our network of overseas partners we can provide customs clearance in almost any country in the world.

Inbound Ships Spares into the US

We have customs clearance of ships spares in major airports of New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. We have our own bonded trucks and warehouse, which guarantees efficient movement of ships spares under customs bond.

Freight Forwarding

We are an industry leader in global logistics and forwarding, providing customers with a wide range of transportation solutions, from overnight-air to ocean vessel charter services.  We specialize in the movement of airfreight and ocean LCL and FCL cargo services on an international level.

We have global buying power with access to a wide range of equipment required for the movement of all types of freight, including oversized cargo.